State Licensing Requirements

State of Colorado Requirements for a Family Child Care License

  • A license is mandated by State Law for anyone caring for children from more than one family.
  • CBI or FBI finger printing with a criminal background check for anyone that is over 18 years old that resides in the household.
  • Inspection and continued monitoring for the entire home.
  • Current physical exam for the provider and every individual residing in the child care home.
  • Proof of current vaccinations for all cats and dogs.
  • CPR renewed annually
  • First Aid renewed every 3 years
  • Universal Precautions (infectious disease prevention, controlling the spread of germs and viruses.) renewed every 3 years
  • Medication Administration (what medications can be given legally and how to properly administer them, plus the associated record keeping) renewal every 3 years.

These are SOME of the minimum requirements for a standard home child care license. There are other types of licenses with additional requirements.

Licensed Child Care Providers are truly partners with parents in child rearing and provide a home away from home for children in
their care. The Weld County Family Child Care Association offers a FREE referral service for families looking for child care. Parents can call and get names and telephone numbers of licensed child care providers that not only have openings in the area of their choosing, but also offer the services that parents desire, such as transportation, pre-school programs, and non-traditional hours of operation.

Weld County Child Care Licensing Specialists

Dawn Alexander: (303) 914-6100 ext 3069

Correen Martinez: (303) 914-6100, ext. 3052

Lara Wiley: (303) 914-6100, ext. 3051

Dominque Waller: (303) 914-6100 ext 3185

Main Office: (303) 914-6304 Assistant Director of State Licensing from Liz Miret to: Tiffany Stout email is (303) 914-6581,

Division of Child Care

Denver: 1-800-799-5876 website: