Membership of the WCFCCA

The purpose of the organization is to provide home child care providers in Weld county training, referrals and support. In addition, membership in the organization has multiple benefits:

  • Free referrals for your child care
  • Training to complete your required hours for licensing
  • Social support
  • Networking
  • Connection to community resources
  • Much more!

If anyone is interested in becoming a member contact us at (970) 302-0703 or come to one of our meetings to see what we’re all about!

WCFCCA Disclaimer

Hello Members of the Association,

It is the mission of the Weld County Family Child Care Association to provide you with training, resources, community and information. It is not the mission of WCFCCA, or any member there in, to take the place of licensing or any other governing organization. If you have questions about licensing and want to ask, the only thing other members can do is share their experiences. These experiences do not mean that that is what the rules and regulations state. The board members are not licensing specialist and we do not represent licensing in any form. Any information that may be shared is just what that person’s opinion is.

With that being said, it is the responsibility of all child care providers, centers or family child care homes, to be knowledgeable of licensing rules and regulations. If you do not know how to obtain these regulations, please go to, you can download and print right from the website. This is also the place to get any and all forms for licensing or links too. Remember that someone may tell you that this is what they did when they did something for their license. That does not mean things have not changed over the years. So, to ensure that you have all the correct information please go to the website and access the information there. If you have further questions after looking at the website, please email or call your licensing specialist. Licensing specialist have a huge job and they are working hard to ensure that Colorado providers are looking after children in a safe environment. Licensing specialist are the experts on what is in the licensing rules and regulations.

You are ultimately responsible for your license and staying in compliance with the current rules and regulations. WCFCCA or its members are not responsible for any adverse action that comes from the misunderstanding of licensing guidelines.

WCFCCA is not about licensing, it is about creating a community for child care providers in and around the Greeley, Evans, Windsor, Milliken and Eaton areas. The above website will be on our webpage by the end of the weekend as a direct link. WCFCCA does provide training to allow providers to have local training for their continuing education hours.

The board wants WCFCCA to be about making connections and working together to ensure our community has multiple options for good child care. WCFCCA is about having fun and learning.

If you have any questions about this information please feel free to contact us at