Cost of Child Care

Given the fact that licensed child care providers are independent business owners, the fees that they charge clients for their child care services will vary from provider to provider.  Below you will find an average of what the providers that belong to the Weld County Family Child Care Association currently charge.  Note that these rates are for full time care and many providers provide part time, drop in, and hourly care.  You will need to contact individual providers to get their exact rates for the services that you need.

* Full time care is generally considered to be a minimum of 5 hours per day, 5 days per week.
2 years of age and up         $29.00 per day
Under 2 years of age          $32.00 per day

*  School Age Children are those who are of age to attend school full days and are in care before or after school.  Full day rates generally are the same as listed above for children over the age of 2.    Below are the average rates for those children while attending school.
$20.00 per day