The Weld County Family Childcare Association (WCFCCA) and we are a non-profit service organization that was established in 1974. Our purpose is to better the lives of children. We serve children in both the urban and rural settings of our state. Several of our members have gone on to help impact the early education of and raise the standards of childcare. We have also assisted in the forming and legislation of laws, which raise the quality of licensed family child care on both the state and national levels.

The amount of training and support our members require in order to keep Colorado on the forefront of caring for our children comes at a great personal cost to each of us. As we are non-profit, we also depend on fundraising events and benevolent contributions to our association.

Throughout the year we enjoy hosting fundraisers for our association which is our majority source of income. These proceeds from the events will help fund training for our providers, and contribute to events children can participate in. We would greatly appreciate any contribution you could make to this event; whether it be door prize items or a monetary contribution.

All contributing merchandisers will be mentioned in our association newsletter as well as the day of the fundraiser. We thank you for taking the time and any donation you choose to make will greatly appreciate. Please feel free to call any board member if you have questions.

Please send you your donation to:

WCFCCA Treasurer

4504 West 30th Street

Greeley, Colorado 80634

Thank You!